Get custom u8g2 unifonts with ease!

No more complex process to create u8g2 unifont codes! Just enter the characters needed and click submit! That's it!!

  1. Easy to use
  2. Remove duplicated characters
  3. Minimum file size for any project

SSD1306 OLED demo


Generate u8g2 unifonts

How to use u8g2 unifont converter after download?

  1. 1. Copy the downloaded file into your Arduino project directory
  2. 2. Include the downloaded .h file:#include "u8g2_font_b78aca188b9e4b1123f10e96a2458a39.h"
  3. 3. Set the font with: u8g2.setFont(u8g2_font_unifont_myfonts);
  4. 4. Done

Video Tutorials

方便 / 快速 u8g2 Unifont 字型轉換網站

這個影本會教你如何使用這個網站, 剛接觸 u8g2 的朋友, 建議先看一下!

u8g2 新手入門(中文)

為了使用 0.96” OLED SD1306 顯示器, 研究了一下 U8G2 的字型程式庫的使用方法. 記錄一下使用方式, 也和大家一起來分享. 影片中14:34也介紹了如何安裝及使用益師傅做的5000+繁中字型.

u8g2 how to(English)

For 0.96" OLED SD1306 display, I studied the u8g2 library and made this video to share with you on how to use U8g2 library with monochrome display.

Frequently Asked Questions

U8g2 is a monochrome graphics library for embedded devices.

This base on the font used to generate unicode is unifont.c. It contains many language fonts. I only tested with traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Let me know, if you found your language is supported.

Good question! It means that characters you specified is not within unifont.c Well, you might want to create the glyph yourself and contribute back to u8g2 community.